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If communication is the key to personal and career success, then we should be doing everything in our power to ensure our communication lines are well established, extremely efficient, and thoroughly secure. Migrating to Office 365 might be what your business needs to get the most out of your email server. Why migrate to Office […]

It is becoming commonplace to hear of big security breaches. Consumers wonder how this keeps happening. It would seem like every company should be taking their data security very seriously. After all, a data breach typically costs millions of dollars and tarnishes the company’s reputation. After the Target data breach of 2013, shoppers were wary […]

With the rising number of cyber thefts in the US, numerous lawsuits have been filed against businesses and organizations. In general, the public expects that their bank will take sufficient action to stop data theft. We expect this of the federal government, credit card companies and retail stores as well. Citizens believe that most of […]

First impressions are important. This is even more so in the world of technology. When searching for a company online, your first results appear in a small 160-character snippet. Now Google has officially extended the search results snippets to a maximum character length of 320 characters. What is a snippet? Snippets, also known as meta […]

Social is here to stay. That’s the unanimous sentiment regarding social media as a communication tool – and as a marketing channel. LinkedIn launched publicly before Facebook (2003 and 2006, respectively), and in these past 15 years we’ve seen an evolution, and some might say a revolution. Social media has redefined how society interacts, even […]

Technological advancements have, without a doubt, had a positive impact where your business is concerned. But they have also led to hacking, data breaches and the likelihood that rogue employees will use tools to jeopardize the security of your data. What is a Rogue Employee? A rogue employee undermines your business by ignoring rules and […]

If you think that all telephone services are equal and that there’s no difference between a business phone and a home phone system, you’d be wrong. In fact, there are several differences between a phone used for business and a phone used for personal calls, including required call features, calling abilities, and even how many […]

Intel processors are having a Meltdown while AMD and ARM are being attacked by a Spectre. Is a James Bond villain making our computers freak out? No, it’s a new vulnerability found within these processors that affects Windows PCs, Linux, Mac, and even Android phones. A fix has been identified, named KAISER, and all the […]

Did you know that in 2016, IBM found that 60% of all cyber attacks were carried out by insiders? Of these three quarters were due to malicious intent, and one fourth due to negligence or error. Accidents: According to Verizon’s 2016 Data Breach Incident Report, accidents accounted for 30% of security incidents. In many cases, employees haven’t […]