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The Windows 10 Creator’s Update (Redstone 2) brings far more functionality to Edge and more: Here’s what’s new for professionals! The new Windows 10 update has a lot of different names, such as the Creator’s Update, and Redstone 2, but no matter what you call it the new version is bringing some welcome changes to […]

Google Timeline is an innovative and useful feature for Maps users—as long as you’re comfortable with Google tracking your every move. Without much fanfare, Google recently rolled out a feature called “Your Timeline” for iOS devices. Through this update, Google Maps will now start tracking and saving your previous locations to the application. The good […]

Cyber security myths can pose a danger to your business. Debunking the myths can keep your company safe from cyber criminals. Security is a hot-button issue within the IT world. Despite cyber security firms stressing the importance of keeping confidential data safe, companies seemingly fail to heed warnings. On a regular basis, news agencies are […]

CPA firms are increasingly relying on cloud systems to manage their clients’ financial data, and face more security concerns than before. Learn how hiring managed IT services can help CPA firms stay compliant.   Business is moving into the cloud and CPA firms are no exception. Cloud accounting makes it so much easier for both […]

If you are giving a presentation and part of it involves a shared display or handouts of a spreadsheet what can you do to keep the group awake? Let’s face it, Microsoft Excel is an excellent tool for organizing and manipulating statistical data, but when sharing your spreadsheet with others, your spreadsheet has to be […]

More than half of all outdated and unused computer equipment is currently doing nothing but taking up space. It’s stuffed in closets, crammed in cupboards, or stacked haphazardly in the corner of an unused office and not doing you or anyone else any good. Part of the reason this continues to be common practice for […]

On April 22nd, more than 193 countries will celebrate Earth Day. Multiplied thousands of events will be put on across the globe to promote environmental awareness and action. These events will range from tree plantings at elementary schools to proclamations in presidential palaces. But what are you going to do? What action are you going […]

When it comes to social media marketing, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are no longer enough. Get an edge over your competition by mastering Snapchat now! Since all but taking over online communication, social media has become a viable business tool as well. Social media is easy and affordable to use, and it allows access to […]

We know that being a part of the legal industry isn’t easy; even beyond the amount of work that goes into passing the bar, there’s an enormous volume of work, schedules, clients and staff to manage once you have your own firm. That’s why we’d like to take this opportunity to celebrate you and the […]

Efficient use of computer technology can help your business cut costs and increase profits. Are you taking full advantage of information technology?  Information technology may not be the sexiest part of your small or midsize business (SMB), but it’s one of the most critical engines for success. There are many different ways it can be […]