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It’s something that many companies overlook, but regular performance assessment of IT infrastructure is vital to overall performance and security. Not performing regular system checks of your entire data network is similar to forsaking vehicle maintenance and continuing to drive it on a daily basis. Holistic diagnostic and performance checks will also let you know […]

In case you needed another reason for regularly changing your passwords, the recently-uncovered Yahoo hack of 500 million accounts is probably the reason of the decade so far. The hack and subsequent data theft involving half a billion Yahoo accounts is the largest of its kind – ever. Granted, it is Yahoo, where most people […]

It’s become an all-too-common occurrence: Cyberattack in the form of ransomware, resulting in major payouts to both hackers and in potential HIPAA fines. Ultimately, many of these increasing ransomware attacks are caused by a convincing-looking link embedded in official-looking emails. A healthcare employee or Business Associate (BA) of the hospital or healthcare facility casually clicks […]

Some smartphone battery-charging myths die-hard. One of them is that allowing your phone to charge all night is a good idea. It isn’t. Frequently charging your phone is also a bad idea, believe it or not. Why? Ions traveling from the electrical outlet to the battery cause wear and tear on the battery, which in […]

It can be a chore to move one SQL server database to another – if you want to save all the login and password information as well, that is. It’s easy enough to back-up and restore all the information on one SQL server database and transfer it to the new one, but what can be […]

In our ever-changing world, you need IT services that match up to the rapid-fire changes in telecommunications and business computing interconnectivity. And, you want those services to be flexible, yet pro-active and responsive to your IT network’s particular design and demands. That’s why Tech Support of Minnesota is in business – to deliver you and your enterprise the […]

Proper and careful cyber risk assessment and management allows you and your SMB enterprise the long-range assurance needed in order to plan and fulfill your business goals. Optimum security as well as performance tend to walk hand in hand with most IT networks, either because one is an outgrowth of the other, or because it […]

A Black Hat conference that took place in August in Las Vegas further underscored the need for everyone everywhere to have cutting-edge cybersecurity. Attendees consisted of more than 11,000 (well-meaning) hackers, who were there to display their best hacking skills and tricks in the name of better network security. The overall goal of the show […]

A new bit of ransomware known as ‘Fantom’ has been discovered by Jakub Kroustek of AVG Technologies. Fantom tricks users by dropping an executable file onto infected devices named a.exe. The file poses as a “critical update” for Windows, with a 2016 copyright from Microsoft included for an added appearance of legitimacy. Once activated, the […]

According to an August 3rd, 2016 article in ZDNet.com you can still reportedly get a free Windows 10 upgrade by using your Windows 7 or 8 product keys. Apparently Microsoft is so gung-ho about having all Windows users on board with their latest iteration of the Universally-popular operating system that they are willing to take […]