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If your business has reached the point where you know you need outside IT support, whether due to growth, the loss of a key IT employee or concerns about vulnerability in your network, you have an important decision to make. Choosing the right IT service company for your business is an important step on the […]

Skype is an invaluable tool for any business, with benefits in both cost and performance. It is important to understand these benefits to identify the best solutions for your business. Benefit 1: Clarity Any user of VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phone systems appreciates call clarity. The scratchy audio of conventional phones (even landlines) is […]

In 2015, I witnessed numerous, high-profile cyber attacks. It began with the pilfering of tens of millions of social-security records at a major health insurer. Then I noticed infiltrations of major global hospitality firms and hotel chains such as Hyatt Starwood and Hilton following these attacks. I expect the attacks to become more frequent, farther […]

Everyone in the business world knows that LinkedIn is a powerful tool. However, many businesses have neglected to maximize its potential for marketing success. There is far more to LinkedIn than just connecting with some users and joining a few conversations. As LinkedIn continues to evolve, an increasing number of valuable features are being made […]

Earlier in April, the FBI warned that a group of foreign government-backed hackers known as APT6 has been compromising commercial and governmental networks and stealing information from them since 2011. This surprising news, revealed in an alert the agency issued, stated that these groups are still continuing their activities even after it was discovered that […]

If you are like most people, you don’t even know that Facebook contains a secret message folder. No, this secret message folder is not the same as the “Others” message folder that is often overlooked for months on-end, as emails from senders languish unread because you forget to check them. Instead, this secret message folder […]

Regardless of whether you’re a home user, a business user, or even head of your company’s IT department, very few computer issues cause more worry than malicious software. The most troubling of these in recent years has been ransomware like the infamous Cryptolocker. It’s estimated these programs have affected thousands of computers and are responsible […]

There’s a lot of pressure when you own a business. From dealing with everything from production to employee insurance and benefits, there are some things that you need to be able to count on just working when you need them to–and the technology that runs your business is one of those things. While there are […]

Business moves at the speed of light–with new competitors cropping up every day and threatening to do what you do better, cheaper and faster in order to steal your customers away. If you don’t want to be left in the dust, you have to focus on improving everything about your business on a continual basis, […]

Technology support comes in many different forms: from cloud services and technical expertise to the tools and equipment that you need to keep your business running on an everyday basis. Tech Support of Minnesota is able to provide you with these high-quality services: Managed Services When you need to focus on your bottom line and […]